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Customer Comments

"Bob, the boots are great! I've never had shoes or boots fit that well right out of the box"


"We could not be more in love with our boots. Thank you so much for your care and craftsmanship. ....they're almost too pretty to wear, Almost!


I honestly think mine the prettiest boots I've ever seen"


"Got the boots. They look and feel great! Very solid - I can see how they will require breaking in. The stitching looks really good - glad we went with the turquoise color"




It's so I love your work !!!! And you're very professional, thank you so much!!! 


Bob – Just want you to know that I am sure enjoying my new portfolio that you made for all of us and the directors!! I have had numerous comments on it. I see everyone carrying theirs around – so this gift was a major hit!!


Your leather and handiwork amazing.


Bob - Just took a look at some of your handmade items!!! Absolutely amazing!!! You are very talented!


WOW!!! So beautiful, such craftsmanship. I have thought of 1000 ways to use it! (custom portfolio)


WOW!!!! All I can say is amazing, awesome and thankful.


These boots are not only amazing but special to us. They fit like a glove.


I wore my new boots all day and probably the most comfortable thing I have put on my feet. I had 5 people ask me about them.

Bob, I have to say remarkable. These are the best boots I have ever stepped foot in. Well done, I can feel the care and workmanship. I love these boots.


I tried on my new boots, AMAZING!!! They fit exactly the way they should and they look spectacular.

I wore my boots to an event where I spoke to the Safari Club International. They are AWESOME!!! and I love the matching belt. Thank you so much.


My husband absolutely loved the boots. I think he went all over town to show them off!


Awesome job Bob! They are a piece of art and fit perfectly. Love them man.


Thank you again for the beautiful boots. I remain impressed with your skill and am very proud of my 2 pairs.


Oh my goodness, yes, yes, he loves it (portfolio).

Bob, I wear these (boots) with great pride.  Thank you for your craftsmanship and artistry!


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